Domain Name Age Checker

What is Domain Age?

In straight forward terms, "Area Age" alludes to the measure of time during which a website URL has existed. It is the means by which old a website URL is.

So for instance, if a website URL was enrolled in 2010, the area age will be 10 years by 2020.

What's more, what's an area name? It is the URL of a site, similar to That is the location with which Internet clients can get to your site.

How to use Domain Age Checker Tool

  • To utilize the tool, you'll first be on this page ( where you are presently
  • On the content, the box gave, enter your website URL without http:// or https://
  • When you've entered your website URL, click on "Check Domain Age".

Domain Age relation with Domain Authority

There are plenty of factors that affect the domain authority score of a website, including the domain age.
Domain age is basically the time frame during which a domain has existed since its purchase.
The older the domain age, the better are its chances to gain a better DA score.
If you’re wondering what’s the DA score of your site, you can check it with the help of domain authority checker utility by SmallSEOTools.

Why checking of Domain age is important

There are various reasons why you might need to check the age of an area name, which are recorded beneath.

On the whole, remember that you may choose to check:

  • The age of a previously existing website URL you need to purchase
  • The age of your rivals' website URLs

Or on the other hand only the age of your own area name.

Obviously, the essential purpose behind checking website age is to know WHEN the area was enrolled and HOW OLD it is presently.

Presently, odds are that you definitely know when you enrolled your own working website URL. So if you somehow happened to check it up, that is not the most ideal approach to invest your energy and won't help you a whole lot (aside from you've overlooked when you enlisted your area name).

That leaves us with the other two choices:

  • Checking the area age of a name you need to purchase
  • Checking the period of contending websites

Checking the age of your rivals' area name does pretty much one thing for you: you presently realize exactly to what extent their website URLs have existed, which gives you a thought of what you're contending with.

Then again, checking the age of an area name you are hoping to purchase gives you a thought of what you are going to get into.

For these two reasons, beneath are the reasons why realizing website-age matters:

  • You get the chance to have a thought of the size of the backlink profile of the area name there is a high possibility that a matured website URL will have a more noteworthy connection profile. Why? Since it has existed for quite a while and may have gathered a few connections over time. The proprietor may have invested some push to fabricate some quality backlinks, and web indexes do think about the amount and nature of backlinks in positioning websites. The SEO work is done in the past by the past proprietor to make a decent connection profile can be a major in addition to future proprietors.
  • You get the chance to have a thought of how well the area does in internet searcher rankings said simply above, odds are that a long-existing website URL (with a quality backlink profile) will do genuinely well in search. Indeed, most SEOs accept that website-age is one of Google's positioning factors. If an area has a decent web crawler positioning, it will spare you a great deal of SEO time, cash, and exertion. Furthermore, checking its age gives you a thought of how well the name may be doing in search.
  • You get the opportunity to have a thought of how much traffic to expect long-existing and set up area will get a considerable lot of traffic. Although there are different variables that decide the measure of traffic a site gets, such as distributing normal substances, and so on., a website URL that has existed for some time will even now "normally" perform superior to new ones in terms of natural or direct traffic.
  • You get the chance to have a thought of the area name's reputation using a totally new website URL implies beginning without any preparation to fabricate decent notoriety. Be that as it may, long-existing area names in some cases hold a previously settled positive notoriety inside their market segment. This implies that clients have just built up some trust for the name since it has been there and they know it already. Checking the website age gives you a thought of to what extent it's been there.
  • You get the chance to have a thought of how terrible the website URL may beWith the over four focuses as a main priority, you may begin believing that all long-existing area names tell the truth and heavenly. Don't get it bent, they are not all perfect. After checking the age of an area name and find that it has existed for long, you would then be able to put forth attempts to see whether the website URL has some negativism joined to it and for how long. For occurrence, the past proprietor may have been utilizing dark cap SEO procedures to attempt to increase some internet searcher preferences. Another issue related to some current area names is having terrible notoriety among clients. A few clients may have obstructed the site or labeled it as spam or malware. On the off chance that these defects are not evacuated, the eventual fate of the website could be at stake. Checking the area name gives you a thought of to what extent it has existed so you can do an underground examination before getting it.

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